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Australia Car Import Guideline

How to Import New or Used Cars from UK to Australia

Australia Car Import Guideline

Used Car Export Shipping from UK Australia

If you live in Australia and need to buy a used car from the United Kingdom, UK Auto Exporters do used car shipping to Australia from UK. Our services are reliable and will depend on how fast one’s own country can process the import process. Those in Australia can follow the following procedure to import the cars to the home country. This is the official process given by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development for importing a car from outside to Australia. You need to be familiar with this process for the smoothest process.


You need to carry out research on a few aspects of your vehicle before you commence the import process. Find out about the eligibility of the vehicle in entering Australia; the various import options that will suit you; the costs to be involved in importing the car; the various timeframes involved; the documentation needed; the needs for each agency of the government; if you will need the services of a broker; if you will need any modifications on the vehicle; and the risks that you face importing a vehicle. Thus, making a used car export to Australia from UK begins with this first stage.

Application for Approval to Import the Vehicle

If you have not already done so, make a registration with the vehicle imports department. You will be required to make the application online where you will fill the application form. The registration process costs $50. This amount will need to be paid at the end of the form-filling process for it to be considered complete. Once you have completed this process, it is time to go to next stage towards allowing us to make a used car shipping to Australia from UK with ease.

Get the Vehicle Import Approval

When your application process has been successful, you will receive an email message (in the email you used to apply for the import approval). The Vehicle Import Approval will be attached. The email will be from the government agency by the name Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. While this approval allows us to make a used car export to Australia from UK, it may be accompanied by some conditions that determine your use of the vehicle you have ordered from us. Make sure that you keep to these requirements given that any deviations could land you into problems with the law.

Arrangement of Vehicle Shipping

Before we do the used car shipping to Australia from UK, you need to make sure that the car has been cleaned by steam or else it will be quarantined for posing a health risk. Also, ensure that the air-conditioning gas has been taken out of the car if the need arises. Also, ensure that the conditions to export from the United Kingdom are adhered to. The government departments involved are the Department of the Environment and Department of Agriculture. We will take care of everything that is required of us to make the import on your end smooth.

Getting Customs Clearance

You need to have customs clearance in your country before we make the used car export to Australia from UK. Start with the lodging of an import declaration. You will also be required to pay customs duty on the import. Another cost to be incurred will be the goods and services tax (GST). Lastly, also pay for the luxury car tax if the vehicle you have ordered falls into this category. In this stage, you will be dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We will clarify to you if the car falls under the luxury category.

Meeting the Australian Quarantine Requirements

In this section, you will be dealing the Department of Agriculture to ensure the used car shipping to Australia from UK does not stall on the way. You will start off by lodging a Quarantine Entry with this department to begin your quarantine approval. If you have a broker dealing with this process, they may be required to be there in person (which we will do). You will have to arrange for an inspection by an agent working with the Department of Agriculture.

Meeting All the Import Approval Conditions

If, after we have made the used car export to Australia from UK and you have received your vehicle after going through the stages above, you need to make any modifications to the vehicle, this is the stage to carry them out. Also, you will need to have tests done on the vehicle in order to develop the evidence of compliance as needed by the government. You will then be needed to make an application for approval for the identification plate. Also, you can apply for the approval for the supply to the market if it is needed.

Registering the Vehicles

This stage will require dealing with the State Road and Transport Authorities to register your vehicle. In essence, our used car shipping to Australia from UK would be complete. Go to the relevant Territory or State to apply for the registration of the vehicle. Even after the above processes, you will still need to have a number plate on your vehicle identifying it as a legitimate Australian vehicle. Keep in mind that the registration process will depend on the type of vehicle you would have ordered and imported although the process is quite fast and efficient.

Our Role

We are located in the United Kingdom, and we serve to make used car exports to Australia from UK. Our services are not limited to Australia alone. We export vehicles to many countries that have right hand drive cars. For this reason, you will not be required to make any major changes to the vehicles you would have bought from us. We inspect the car and determine their worth to make sure you have a vehicle that will work as you desire it. If the authorities in your country require our presence, we will be readily available.


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