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Range Rover is one of the most luxurious and unique Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in the world. Back in 2970, when Range Rover was launched, it introduced the the way the world should go off-road.

British iconic Range Rover has always been most desirable vehicle and its truly represents the style and craftsmanship of British Engineering & Design.

As a part of Jaguar Land Rover Group (JLR), the Range Rover is manufactured in United Kingdom. Land Rover has years of history of making top quality 4x4s and Range Rover Support is Land Rover’s flagship.

UK Auto Exporters have access to a wide rage of new & used Range Rover cars, ready to be export worldwide.


rage-rover-export-from-uk-26UK Auto Exporters are known for the price and quality promise for sourcing and exporting used Range Rover from UK. We are a customer focus car export company in UK and have a team of automotive professionals with high level of experience and ability to source any new or used Range Rover for export in line with customer’s desired specifications.

Range Rover export from United Kingdom is always first option for anyone who is looking for high quality luxurious SUV at least possible cost.

Used Land Rover’s vehicles such as used land rover defender, used range rover sport, used range rover evoque and used land rover freelander also have high demand for export from UK.

Other than used range rover export, the most common car export enquiry we have is for the used land rover discovery and used discovery sport for sale. The all new land rover discovery sport has gained the demand due to its unique shape and price tag. A big chunk of overall second hand approved land rover for sale in UK get exported.

On the other hand, customers who want to find the most desirable used range rover evoque for sale in UK, do not realise that unless you have the right trade contacts to find used cars for sale in UK, finding a used range rover evoque for export at its early age after the launch is not so easy. Since this vehicle is quite new in market, the number of second hand range rover evoque for sale is very less. However, you don’t have to worry about it, UK Auto Exporters has right resources and experience to source used range rover evoque in UK, as per your requirements.

Why Import new or used Range Rover from UK?

Simply because, UK is the home of the RR. UK has more availability of the new and used Range Rovers and volume of used Range Rover import from England is growing day by day. The overall numbers of Range Rover used cars for sale in UK is quite high.

The other fact is that RR is most common company car among corporate executives in UK. The corporate executives normally acquire the company vehicles on one to three years lease plan. This lease plan comes with full maintenance & service package from the manufacturer resulting these vehicles maintained at very high standards.

At the end of this lease, corporate executives get a replacement by returning the existing vehicles back to the manufacturer. UK Auto Exporters has special arrangements to acquire these nearly new Range Rover for export to our customers worldwide. These used Range Rover vehicles are very well maintained and UK Auto Exporters can source these used Range Rover for export, at very competitive prices.

Range Rover Export from UK can save you up to 33% than local market price

How to Import used Range Rover from UK?

Finding the right used Range Rover for sale requires a good knowledge of UK’s used car market and used Range Rover export process also involves administration workload. UK Auto Exporters have a team of professionals who has right skills and experience to find the used range rover as per customer’s requirements. We also have business relationship with top trade vendors to fulfil the used range rover export requirements.

Here at UK Auto Exporters, used range rover export process starts with customer’s requirements identification leading to the budget, model year and other vehicle specs finalisation. The second step involves, finding the right new or used car which ticks all the boxes of customers requirements. Next step in range rover export process is to arrange all the paper work and careful loading and shipment of the vehicle. This range rover export process doesn’t end here, we take care of all of our customers’ after sale requirements just like you local well known car dealership.

I want to Import Brand New Range Rover from UK?

The UK release RR is known for its high specs and advance technology. This fact attracts customer to import their dream brand new car directly from UK. More than just the specs, importing a Brand New Range Rover also qualifies you 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) refund, making the UK car import 20% cheaper that Japan or elsewhere.

Whatever your requirements are, Any Trim or Specification, UK Auto Exporters can source your desire used car at right price without any compromise on quality. We take care of the complete process of your Ranger Rover import from UK, including sourcing, shipping and after sale parts requirements.

What about Range Rover Parts?

We also export all kind of Spare Parts for all Range Rover Models covering the entire LR model variations.

Range Rover Parts are just a click away. We Export New & Used Range Rover Spare Parts from UK

Which Range Rover models we export?

UK Auto Exporters has years of range rover export experience and as result we have the professional team of experts to source and export top quality used cars from UK, including Range Rover Autobiography, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport.

Customers who are after used Range Rover export, also search for other used cars for sale in UK. Please be advise that used range rover evoque in UK is getting very high demand from local customers and finding the right used range rover evoque for sale in UK could take some time unless you have right car trade contacts.

If you are looking for vintage land rover for sale in UK, look no further, UK Auto Exporters has access to the vintage car markets to find your dream old land rover defender sale UK.

We trust in long term business relationship and believe that happy customers mean more business. Simply contact our Customers Service department for any after sale query and we will be more than happy to help you with any of your range rover parts requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your dream Range Rover Export from UK


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