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Beware of Auto Export Scammers... .. .


fraud protection

Please beware of Fraud & Scam when importing a Vehicles or Machinery.

Importing vehicles form UK has become so popular due to the high standards & quality available in British market at very low price, as well as VAT refund scheme and small interest rate has made it extremely attractive for international buyers to import vehicles and machinery direct from the United Kingdom.

This attraction in UK market makes it haven for the scammers. There are many cases of international buyers being trapped into frauds by fake vehicle exporters! Stolen, with Outstanding Finance, ex-Accidental, Insurance Written Off, Clocked, Replica or Clone cars are few of the biggest scams.

How to Protect Yourself ?

Please beware that there are a number of unscrupulous websites
claiming to offer purchase and shipping of cars.

We will recommend the following guidelines to protect you against Fraud & Scam when importing Vehicles or Machinery:


  1. Always conform the Exporter to be a Genuine Firm & Registered with the Company House.
  2. Have a conversation on Telephone and Ask further about the Service.
  3. Verify their Address & Location (e.g. at Google Map).
  4. Never give personal information (mother name, bank details…etc), unless something which make sense to be required for the business.
  5. Never-ever send any money other than a “Bank Account” which has the same Details or Name, as of the “Company” you are doing business with. For example, an Acc Name such as: UK Auto Exporter Ltd should be trusted. Unlike, an Acc Name: Mr XYZ???.
  6. Never accept any Refund or Money Transfer Method other than the Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Otherwise, be willing to bear a Bank Check being bounced, 15 days after its virtual clearance into your bank account!!!
  7. Avoid sending money via Western Union, unless you know the receiving party for sure. Be aware that with Western Union, the money can be cashed without any virtual trace.
  8. Think!!! Why & How can somebody sell you a car worth of £50,000.00 for £40,000.00??? Can it be Stolen? With Outstanding Finance? A Clone vehicle?

Beware, these Scammers are very clever! If it looks too good to be true, then, it probably is!


How We Protect You:

Please be aware that a Vehicle or Machinery bought from other dodgy suppliers will be brought back legally by the UK authorities, if it was stolen recorded or had outstanding finance in the United Kingdom.

Vehicles importers must be very careful when buying vehicles from overseas. Fortunately, for not only to be safe from scams but also to get the best deals on quality vehicles & plants and a first-class service, a trustworthy & honest name is: UK Auto Exporters Ltd.

This is how we protect our customer from fraud & scams:


  1. We are a “limited” company: UK Auto Exporters Ltd, registered in England and Wales with a registration number of 07117756.
  2. Please contact us, via WhatsApp or Email and our professional staff and representatives will be more than happy to answer your questions.
  3. Verify us on Google Map and with Company House.
  4. We do not deal with or accept cash payments at all. Neither we accept any payment other than a secure bank transfer.
  5. We only accept the payments into our Bank Account named same as our Business: UK Auto Exporter Ltd, and we deal with a global Bank, which makes international business a lot easier and safe.
  6. We only accept the EXACT amount as invoiced amount and will NOT (under any circumstance) be involved in transferring balances to third parties or Money Laundering activities.
  7. We use the safest Money Transfer Method: Telegraphic Transfer (TT), which is also a peace of mind for our customer(s).
  8. The vehicles provided by us come with optional HPI guarantee (up to £30,000.00), to verify the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size of the vehicle, as well as to confirm that the vehicle has no outstanding bank finance, is not stolen, clocked, clone or has not been involved in a bad road accident and insurance written-off.
  9. We send detailed pictures of your vehicle, before the shipment.
  10. Honesty is our policy & we aim to provide the very best possible service with a promise of full customer satisfaction and not to keep the client in dark at any stage of our mutual business.


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