Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the links below for the step by step guideline to find your required vehicle for export.

The ere three different routes to choose from:

1 – Steps to Buy & Import a Used Car from a UK Open Market (Private & Trade Sellers)

2-  Steps to Buy & Import a Used Car from a UK Car Auction

3- Steps to Buy Brand New Cars from the UK for Export

Moreover, if you have further queries regarding any vehicle or plant or the import process, please feel free to contact us and our professional sales representatives will be more than happy to answer your questions.

We are in this business for a long time, and have trade links to purchase cars, truck, construction machinery, plants & spare parts throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

If your desire car or truck is in UK / Germany, or plant is anywhere in Europe, we have sources to find it……IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

Just contact us with your requirements.

We receive many inquiries from our visitors about the prices for various make and models and by displaying some of the sold vehicles from time to time, our customers could have an idea about the prices.

Please be advised that these prices were right at the time of listing these vehicles, and normally by the time cars become cheaper in the UK.

Our vehicles are thoroughly checked by a team of qualified engineers and expert mechanic staffs.

We also make sure that the vehicles are MOT certified. Furthermore, an independent & third-party professional check-up from the AA, RAC or HPI report is also arranged.

Please follow the links below for the step by step guideline to place the order for your required vehicle.

The ere three different routes to choose from:

1 – Steps to Buy & Import a Used Car from a UK Open Market (Private & Trade Sellers)

2-  Steps to Buy & Import a Used Car from a UK Car Auction

3- Steps to Buy Brand New Cars from the UK for Export

  • Due to the risk of fraud or scam, our bank account details would be available to the genuine buyers on after order placement.

We only accept the EXACT amount as invoiced price and will NOT (under any circumstance) be involved in transferring balances to third parties or Money Laundering activities.

DO NOT send us extra money than the invoiced price, we are aware of scams and will not accept such payments.

According to our business policy, we do not reserve any vehicles or plants or start the shipment process for time wasters or for the people fooling around.

A vehicle or plant can only be held in reserve & the process can begin when the full payment has been made.

In addition, failure to make the full payment within the specified time frame shall result in reservation cancellation & deposit being retained.

You are given time and choice to select your desired vehicles.

Once the order form has been signed or the arrangements have been made with vendors on your behalf, for your required vehicle or plant, we are unable to cancel the order.

We offer the following price formats:

FOB (Free on Board) = Vehicle Cost + Documentation Cost + Shipment Preparation Cost + Export Custom Clearance + Export Fee.

C&F (Cost and Freight) = FOB + Delivery Charge up to the destination port.

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) = FOB + Insurance + Delivery Charge up to the destination port.

Final Destination means the country where you will register your vehicle.
Acceptable Payment Methods

1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
Telegraphic Transfer, also known as Bank Remittance is the preferred method of payment and it is the safest, quickest & easiest way of the payment and it normally takes approx 2-4 working days in processing.

We only accept the payment into our business account. We DO NOT provide or accept the payment into any other private or business account due to our strict fraud protection policy, which gives our customers satisfaction and covers them from a risk of any possible scams.

After making payment, please send a copy of the bank receipt with the invoice by Whatsapp or e-mail. Kindly advise the reference number in the message section of the remittance for easy reconciliation.

2. PayPal
PayPal is only accepted for our service sign-up fee. Any payments, other than this will be rejected if paid through PayPal.
Although it is expensive for us to accept the sign-up payments through PayPal, the only reason we accept is to give our customers a peace of mind.

Non-Acceptable Payment Methods

1. Travellers Cheques
Travellers Cheques take 4-6 weeks to process. Hence, this payment method is not acceptable in the presence of a safe & quick method of Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Bank Remittance.

2. Bank Draft
Banker’s Draft is the lengthiest method of payment and usually takes up to 7-10 weeks to clear along with additional banker′s handling charges. Hence, this payment method is also not acceptable in the presence of a safe & quick method of Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Bank Remittance.

3. Western Union
Please contact our sale staff before making any arrangements to pay through western union money transfer service. However, this method is not as safe as Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Bank Remittance.

We accept the payment only in British Pound Sterling (GBP, £) and the prices are subject to vary according to the international currency exchange rate without any prior notice. However, the price does not change and remains fixed after the order Placement.

Any given foreign currency prices are for reference only and the buyer is subject to pay any bank charges associated with the payment.

Due time for Direct or Open Market Purchase & relevant terms for Auctions & Third-Party Purchase is as follows:

1- Direct or Open Market Purchase

After your sign-up for our service and once the vehicle has been selected, the full payment must be received & cleared into our bank account within five (7) business days from Order Placement date.

2- Auction Purchase

The maximum bid or purchase amount (decided by you, the “importer” ) and other associated fees must be cleared into our bank account at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the purposed auction or deal date for UK buying, and, ten (10) business days for European auctions. Otherwise, we would not be able to arrange a pre-auction check-up for your vehicle or plant or may not be even able to attend the auction.
In case of auction winner, the shipment & optional insurance payment must be cleared within three (3) working days from the auction closing date. Otherwise, storage & handling charges may apply from the auctioneer and UK Auto Exporters has no responsibility towards such charges.

In any circumstances, we will not bid higher than your recommended amount and as a consequence, if the unit could not be won, your funds will be refunded back with subject to a nominal handling charge, or could also be used for any other units (decided by you) in future.

Yes. Our Finance & Credit Offers are available to Dealerships and Trade Customers. We also offer credit & easy payment options to our regular customers from Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.

The finance agreement is subject to Term & Conditions and requires a good credit history and approval from our Finance Department.

In order to become our Dealer, an agent should have to be qualified through our Dealership Policy.

1- We do not accept Credit Card payment.

2- Letter of credit (LC) payment method can only be used in special circumstances and must be ageedas at front.

The vehicles provided by us come with optional HPI report to verify the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size of the vehicle, as well as to confirm that the vehicle has no outstanding bank finance, is not stolen, clocked, clone or has not been involved in a bad road accident and insurance written-off. The HPI check costs £19.99 and provides a guarantee up to £30,000.00, subject to their terms & conditions.
Please contact us with your details and we will recommend your most convenient port of discharge.
Once the vessel carrying your unit is departed from our port “usually Southampton”, we will receive the shipping documents from the shipping company. Then, all necessary documents will be sent to the address mentioned on your order form or address you request.
The insurance normally covers the following:

i. Cost of the vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire, or destroyed totally during transit
ii. Cost of “general average” (i.e. cost of salvation if vessel is rescued before sinking)
iii. Cost of any parts stolen, or replacement of any parts stolen, during transit
ix. Cost of any damage incurred during transit.

The insurance in only valid whilst the vehicle is on the vessel (i.e. insurance ceases once the vehicle departs from the vessel′s gate).

In order to become our Dealer, an agent should have to be qualified through our Dealership Policy.
As soon as the unit has been booked for shipment, Our shipping staff will advise you the shipping details along with the ETD (Estimated time of Departure) and the ETA (Estimated time of arrival).
We normally send these documents as an express recorded mail for fast and safe delivery. Our shipping department will give you the complete tracking details.
We will dispatch the following documents by courier when the vessel has departed & the Bill of Lading is released.

i. De-registration Certificate for the DVLA.
ii. Copy of the Vehicle Registration Document (V5).
iii. MOT (Ministry of Transport test) Certificate.
iv. Sale receipt (commercial invoice for tax purposes).
v. Certificate of Export.
vi. Bill of Lading.
vii. Formal Invoice.
viii. HPI Clearance Certificates (Optional) with HPI guarantee up to £ 30,000.00.
ix. Vehicle Inspection Certificate (From the AA or the RAC, Optional)
x. Owner′s Manuals and Service books.
xi. Loose items such as CD Players, are also forwarded separately or hidden in the cars.

Other relevant documents for the customs etc….

Yes, we do send detailed pictures and a video movie of your vehicle, before the shipment. We aim to provide the very best possible service with a promise of full customer satisfaction and not to keep the client in dark at any stage of our mutual business.
As soon you receive the necessary documents from us after the shipment, Please contact a local clearing agent to arrange collection of your vehicles or plants. In order to speed up the process, the clearing agent could be nominated prior to the shipment to receive the necessary documents directly from us.
Yes, We also export Reconditioned & fully Restored vehicles.  If you require your vehicle to be reconditioned, kindly notify us at the time of Oder Placement and we will arrange a full-service & recondition work for your vehicle within your allocated budget and will replace the worn-out parts including brake pads, sensors, discs, calipers, tyres, battery and any other parts which are not at their best. On the other hand, a complete restoration takes a bit longer and it depends upon the vehicle’s make and models as well on your investment plan.
All our vehicles come with a valid MOT certificate. The Ministry of Transport test (MOT) is an examination of automobile safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions which are applicable to most vehicles over three years old in the United Kingdom.

In general the vehicles are strictly sold “As it is”. However, Vehicles are well checked for roadworthiness and arrange necessary vehicles inspection, cleaning, maintenance service that is called “semi-recondition work” at our garages prior to shipment. If any malfunctions are found, they are attended to you before being exported.

Honesty is our policy and we work hard to provide excellent service in order to maintain our strong customer relationship. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our vehicles & plants as well as our efficiency and service which is second to none!

Yes, We supply parts for any European Make & Model. We offer from regular Service Parts to the complicated Electronic Modules, Airbags, Body, Engine, Transmission & other Mechanical parts. Our parts department is the backbone of our business and we can even source parts from various Salvage-Yards across the United Kingdom.
We are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 15:30 pm (BST)


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